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iPM 2 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad With Fast Qi Charger + Charger For Apple Watch

iPM 2 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad With Fast Qi Charger + Charger For Apple Watch

$ 99.99

Unique 2 in 1 Charger: Can charge your Apple watch and iPhone X, iPhone 8 /8 Plus, or other qi-enabled devices at the same time (such as any Samsung Smartphone)

Compatible with: Apple Watch series 2, 3; iPhone X, iPhone 8/8+; Samsung Galaxy S8 /S8 Plus /S7 /S7 edge /S6 edge+ /Note 8 /Note 5, Nexus 5/6/7, and other qi-enabled devices

Portable: Portable charging station, just put down your enabled qi wireless charging devices, and it will start charging immediately. No Wires! No Cables! No Clutter!!

Safety: Certified by CE, FCC & RoHS, ensure your complete safety and reliability

Fast Wireless Charging Pad: Plug into any strong larger 2amp usb plug for fast charging!

Make sure to use a good quality high voltage plug to power the pad

Plugging into a laptop will not power the pad enough to charge an iPhone X, you need to plug the pad into a wall charger.

Product description:

Introducing a brand new revolutionary wireless charging pad to charge both wireless Qi smartphones and the Apple Watch on the same pad!

The only charging pad on the market that can charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time!

The unique wireless charging system is the most convenient way to charge your smartphone and Apple Watch - WIRELESS! That means no wires, no cables - just place them down and they charge!

Note: The side where the cable is attached can only charge cellphones & the side without the cable can only charge the Apple Watch

2 in 1 Wireless charging pad
USB cable (to charge)

1. Weight: about 180g
2. Cable length: about 1m
3. Size: 15 * 6 * 0.96 cm / 5.91 * 2.36 * 0.38 inch
4. Input: 5v / 1A-2A
5. Output: 5v / 1A-1.6A
6. Power: 10W
7. Receiving distance: ≤ 5mm
8. Machine efficiency: ≥73%
9. Fast charge for Apple: 7.5w
10. Fast charge for Android: 10w
11. Fast charging and power supply: QC 2.0 9V adapter
12. Phone models supported:
for Apple Series: for iphone X, 8, 8+
for Samsung series: S6 / S6 edge / S6 edge + / Note 5 / S7 / S7 edge / S8 / S8 + / Note 8
13. Watch: Apple watch

1. Temperature protection (the battery is automatically protected at high temperature)
2. Short-circuit protection (automatically cut off current for protection during short-circuit)
3. Over-voltage protection (effectively set the voltage during the battery charge and discharge)
4. Anti-reverse protection (when the input data cable is inverse, it will be automatically powered-off for protection)
5. Electromagnetic field protection
6. Overcharge protection


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