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iPM 350ml Music Playing Colorful Air Purification Humidifier

iPM 350ml Music Playing Colorful Air Purification Humidifier

$ 49.99 $ 99.99

iPM 350ml Music Playing Colorful Air Purification Humidifier

2019 Music humidifier 

Capacity: 350 ml

Usage time: 2-3 hours

Voltage (V) : 5V

Power (watts) : 2W

Water break protection system: Yes

Power mode :USB

Color: white, pink, blue

Timer: yes

Product size: 117*127*123mm

Material: ABS+PP+ silica gel + electronic components

Battery capacity: 1200mA

Feature : Stay hydrated and healthy every day

ABS material, feel comfortable, built-in lithium battery

Keep skin fresh and moist, away from dryness

Carry at any time, let you go out without worry, high appearance level, let your mood is also beautiful

Keep humidifying for 3 hours

Seven colorful lights, comfortable quiet in the side

High quality makes your mist more delicate

1)Do not use pure water (such as water in a water dispenser) or distilled water when adding water to the humidifier. Clean tap water or mineral water is recommended

2We do not recommend adding essence or essential oil to this humidifier. Essence or essential oil will corrode the atomizer and greatly shorten the service life of the atomizer and the atomization function of ultrasonic wave. If you must use, be sure to add water-soluble essential oil, and need to be diluted in advance and then drop 1-2 drops into the water tank can be!

3Take out the dry cotton swab for the first time when you get the humidifier. Soak the first two ends or the whole cotton swab in water for 5-10 seconds, let the swab fully absorb water and then turn on the humidification function.If you don't want to remove the cotton swab for soaking, please turn on the humidification function after filling the water tank with water and fitting the head humidifier for 5-10 minutes.



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