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iPM Recording Earphone for iPhone

iPM Recording Earphone for iPhone

$ 69.99

With the iPM Recording Earphone your iPhone can have the call recorder function. When you don’t need the recording function, it is the same as common earphones; you can wear it to listen music.


- Put the recording pen into earphone, to hide the function of the record pen in the earphone.
- The iPM Recording Earphone contains all the components of the recording pen, and has the basic function of the earphone. There is the answer key and microphone.
- 2 buttons on side, used for recording, broadcast, delete, and other functions.
- After the completion of the recording, the user can play directly through the earphone, and can open the phone recorder to record again.
- Built-in SD card is for storing the recording. If the user needs a larger capacity, it can be changed, but the shell needs to be opeend.
- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (supports 5 hours of continuous recording), and Micro USB interface for charging and data transmission.
- The user can directly copy out the files of SD card by connecting with computer via USB interface.
- Press the REC button, in the middle of the earphone. Begins to record when you hear a sound, there will be a red LED flashing light. Press again, will sound twice to stop recording.

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